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At Artistic Industries, our clients like a personal service from us, focused on the creative skills they actually need and with the support of a wide network of independent professionals if and when required.

Tom Allen spent 15 years as an architect and then became an owner of a UK based multi-disciplinary construction and infrastructure consultancy business. Over 10 years the partnership more than tripled its turnover and profits, becoming a well-known industry brand. Tom was particularly responsible for strategy, marketing and service delivery. He now offers these skills as an independent envoy, representing companies in the UK and across the globe.

Support and facilitation

Tom assists individuals and groups with support and facilitation through:

  • Swift, thorough assimilation of profile, strategy and objectives
  • Research, feasibility, development and implementation
  • Site specific representation and networking
  • Diplomatic problem and dispute resolution
  • Project planning, assembly and delivery
  • Start up, interim and change management
  • Staff handover training and mentoring
  • Personal support and advice to individuals

A tailored service

Providing short or medium term, flexible, creative and innovative solutions with confidence, discretion and loyalty, Tom provides a service which is entirely tailored to the specific needs of clients across a wide range of corporate disciplines and sectors including business owners, consultants, contractors and suppliers in:

  • Professional services
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Commerce and industry
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels, restaurants and leisure
  • Sport and recreation
  • Housing
  • Defence
  • Education

Working closely with you every step of the way

Each commission will have its particular nuances but the process is still the same in essence. You may want to chat about an individual problem, dispute resolution, a small project, setting up an office overseas or how you can possibly deliver a multi-million pound development as swiftly as possible. Tom will listen and then draw on his experience to offer creative and innovative services and procurement advice that he feels are most appropriate to your needs. Our approach means that clients tend to come back to us as a first port of call, whatever the requirement.


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“Dear Tom, many thanks for all you have done to make our project happen given all the hurdles we have faced; in design and procurement as well as in reviewing the overall business plan. You calmed our fears and anxieties with some very down to earth, practical suggestions that were gloriously easy to understand and implement…”


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