Former CEO of major US company:

“I had made millions for my company and engineered a merger that transformed it into a goliath. Having done this I realized I was no longer needed. Maintenance is not my thing and my role as a change agent was done. I looked at my life; no income, a broken marriage and two kids I had hardly knew. I had been trying to keep up a façade of success but even I could see in the mirror that it didn’t wash. Tom asked me how I was feeling and what I wanted in life. People don’t ask that very often, they usually ask what you do and how much you have. People rarely ask you what you really want and I’d spent my life delivering for others; my parents, my husband, my kids and my business. Luckily Tom offered to help. We didn’t know where it might lead but the first thing he did was to smile and buy me a coffee. He suggested that I needed to devote the next morning to just focusing on me; not my finances or my kids; just me. He asked me to remind myself about what attributes I had, what assets I had, what dreams and potential I had. I believed I had nothing but, of course, nothing was further from the truth. It took three days but then I was on my journey again and I haven’t looked back.”

Owner of small creative business:

“I was stressed, couldn’t sleep and just felt anxious the whole time. I started to lose my self-confidence and now know that depression was taking me down. There just didn’t seem to be a way out. I guess that’s why when I met Tom I told him I wanted to sell and retire. He said he may be able to help and took a real interest in me personally as well as in the business. So many “consultants” have formulas but Tom was just a great bloke. He sat down with me and let me talk. He listened and asked questions. We arranged to meet again and talked some more and, almost seamlessly, after several meetings, everything started to get better. As well as being really honest about where things needed improvement, he identified all the potential, both in me and in the business. He worked with us to develop a plan and we all got really enthusiastic about our potential for the future. My confidence has returned and I really enjoy going into work. I realise now that I had just needed someone to share my problems with and to work through all the things that needed a sense of realism and balance. Tom’s approach is very professional but simple and pragmatic. Best of all, I know that he is there if I need advice and support. My business is really doing well now and I know that, without Artistic Industries, I would never have turned the corner.”

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