Credit: Scott Choucino

Tom Allen

Managing Director
BA (Hons) Dip.Arch. RIBA

PG Dip.Integrative Psychotherapy

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Angie Allen

Artist Manager
BA (Hons) Geog.

PGC Education PGC Human Relations

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Tom has always been proactive, creative and a team-player. This mix led him to pursue Architecture as a profession.
After all the requisite training, Tom qualified in 1984 and since then he’s worked on some great projects of all shapes and sizes.He’s developed his own craft, working for a variety of firms to get varied experience across a wide range of sectors. He joined a 200 strong multi-disciplinary practice in 1991 and in 1997 his enthusiasm and hard work earned him promotion to an equity partner. As a business owner, he proceeded to learn and develop the key business management skills necessary to grow a hugely successful business. Over the next ten years he helped to double the people, treble the turnover and share in healthy profits. Together the partners and team worked on jobs in all sectors and globally up to a billion pounds in value. Tom spearheaded increased work in the Education, Commerce, Military and Prison sectors. Not content to just sit at a desk, he traveled extensively, working on a hotel in China, a house in the South of France and a Military Barracks on the Falkland Islands. He also loves to meet new people and developed business contacts in Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia. But Tom is a ‘change agent’ at heart.
In 2007 it was time to self-review, seek new horizons, nurture new relationships and develop a new vision for a changing World. As well as still practicing as an Architect, he now acts as a Business Envoy and Consultant, representing companies in the UK and across the globe. He offers short or medium term flexible, creative and innovative solutions with confidence, discretion and loyalty, entirely tailored to the specific needs of clients across a wide range of corporate disciplines and sectors. He also supports, teaches and mentors individuals and groups of people. He enjoys writing, sport, music and exploring new places too. Experience has led Tom to believe in the importance of ‘balance’ in all things, especially in achieving one’s full potential.He doesn’t need to be at a desk to get creative and his best ideas have often been drafted on an envelope whilst traveling.People like his friendly, confident approach and admire his total and reassuringly professional commitment to whatever he does.Tom has taught at De Montfort University School of Architecture (UK), having studied there and at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has lectured at the RIBA in London and chaired several groups and committees. Angie loves ‘art’. She works from an intuitive feeling about things and people.

Artist Management was something she found herself increasingly delivering over the last ten years or so. Developed out of a passion for the importance of self-expression, she has found herself working with painters, sculptors, architects, singers and photographers. She is continually exploring new networks and communities of artistic endeavor and getting to know the artists that drive them.

Offering a personal, bespoke service, working with only a small number of artists at any one time so as not to compromise this, she ensures a completely dedicated, professional relationship. Good impartial, personal support and efficient, thorough business management both play an absolutely intrinsic role in the success of an artist being able to earn a living from their art.

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