Private School Bursar

“I have every confidence that Tom will continue to deliver projects to the highest standards to meet his future clients’ requirements.  My experience of working with him is that he believes first and foremost in providing a service based on listening carefully to what his client wants.  He never imposes solutions to a problem, but carefully develops a set of proposals, which he readily and expertly adapts as required, whilst retaining a determination to ensure each project remains under proper control and achieves its goals.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Tom over the years, and I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Engineering Business CEO

““Tom took a real interest in me personally as well as in the business. So many “consultants” have formulas but Tom was just a great bloke. He sat down with me and let me talk. He listened and asked questions. We arranged to meet again and talked some more and, almost seamlessly, after several meetings, everything started to get better. As well as being really honest about where things needed improvement, he identified all the potential, both in me and in the business. He worked with us to develop a plan and we all got really enthusiastic about our potential for the future. Tom’s approach is very professional but simple and pragmatic. Best of all, I know that he is there if I need advice and support. My business is really doing well now and I know that, without Tom, I would never have turned the corner.”

Retail Business CEO

“Dear Tom, many thanks for all you have done to make our project happen given all the hurdles we have faced; in design and procurement as well as in reviewing the overall business plan. You calmed our fears and anxieties with some very down to earth, practical suggestions that were gloriously easy to understand and implement. Thanks hugely for making it an exciting and thrilling process as we worked together to come up with something that really met and exceeded our original expectations. It was very kind of you to give us so much wisdom and insight. You have been an enormous help, being practical and creative in so many ways and we are very grateful indeed.

Academy Principal

“”The move to a new College was an exciting prospect but I knew that an important aspect of the project was to ensure the right industry specialists were consulted at the right time. Tom is an architect with 25 years experience in the industry and is used to operating at high level on major projects. He quickly assimilated the nuances of the project and met with me to identify the key areas of risk to ensure I had the information necessary to ask critical questions of the project team. The result of this work has been a school building which is of a far higher quality than it would have been otherwise. He has an extensive network of contacts throughout the architectural and construction industry which he was able to draw upon; he ensured we had the opportunity to speak with experts which better informed the value engineering and construction phase. Tom’s experience of architecture and critically, his people skills, ensured that the right decisions were made and, as a result, a far higher quality building was achieved. We have now moved in to a fantastic new school and I am very grateful for the insight Tom gave me. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

CEO Scape Group

“I am writing to you as both a Board Director of Scape Venture and as a work colleague in expressing my sincere thanks to you in your work over the years for and on behalf of Scape. You have been both an advocate and advisor to many members of the Scape team and I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding service you have given to the organisation. Your pragmatic and candid approach to the challenges we faced has helped and contributed to the success we all share to date. We wish you well in the future and I hope to catch up with you soon”.





Names have been withheld for confidentiality but are available upon reasonable request.

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