Scott Choucino

Photographer and Videographer

“Working with Angie has allowed me to build my photography from a hobby to a full time profession where I have achieved my own well equipped Studio within the last 2 years. Angie’s managerial involvement allows me to focus on my craft and my interests within photography. Creating time to focus on my artistic vision has allowed me to progress at a much faster rate than I initially thought possible.”



Debbie Boon

Artist and Illustrator

“Having worked with Angie in both promotional and creative fields, I have always loved her enthusiasm, clear thinking and complete ‘getting on board’ with whatever the project. She is great to work alongside and her ability to motivate and think outside the box make her a unique colleague to include in any project.

My work is inspired by two passions – the sheer joy of painting and it’s ability to bring life to a blank canvas and the delight in images both striking and quirky, from the rural characters of Eastern England to the big blues skies of North Norfolk.”


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