Robyn Lowe


Singer-songwriter Robyn has one of those unforgettable voices that will remind you of some of the great songwriters of the 1970s, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel and Carly Simon. Full of soulful searching and grace.

Brought up in a very musical family she began learning the piano aged five and writing her own songs aged 12. With classical training until she was 18 she started recording and performing at venues around the North West. Now living in London, Robyn has been performing shows there and also in Cambridge and Manchester, with creative interludes composing scores and songs for plays in both Oxford and London.



José Gonzalez Iglesias


Jose has led a colourful, adventurous life. From humble foster care beginnings in Venezuela, he moved to Spain and in 1969 joined the “Los Muchachos Circus”. Touring the world as a young man, he learned many skills, including acrobatics, tumbling, juggling and uni-cycling. He left the circus in 1977 and in 1983 became a gymnastics coach at the famous Grech Gym Club in Palma de Mallorca. He spent many years here.

Moving to the UK in 2001, he met and married Susan in South Yorkshire a few years later, moving to Rutland where he continues to coach gymnastics part time, whilst creating artwork as much as he possibly can. With a deep love and considerable knowledge of contemporary and abstract art, he is particularly interested in the interplay of shapes and colour in painting whilst also being fascinated by contemporary sculpture.

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